Y.s Diary


2015年 02月 09日
+ [Linux]

The Linux Kernel Archives の linux-3.18.6 をコンパイルします。

コンパイラは Sourcery CodeBench Lite 2013.05-24 を使います。 (クロスコンパイルの設定は適当にしてあるものとします)

SHARP SL-C700 用のデフォルト設定を読み込みます。

% make corgi_defconfig


% make menuconfig


System Type  --->
  Intel PXA2xx/PXA3xx Implementations  --->
    [*]   Detect machine ID at run-time in the decompressor
Kernel Features  --->
  [*] Use the ARM EABI to compile the kernel
Boot options  --->
  (console=ttyS0,9600n8 console=tty1 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rw rootwait rootfstype=ext4)
Device Drivers  --->
  Input device support  --->
    [*]   Keyboards  --->
      <*>   GPIO Buttons
      <*>   GPIO driven matrix keypad support
Device Drivers  --->
  <M> Sound card support  --->
    <M>   Advanced Linux Sound Architecture  --->
      <M>   ALSA for SoC audio support  --->
        <M>   SoC Audio for the Intel PXA2xx chip
        <M>   SoC Audio support for Sharp Zaurus SL-C7x0
Device Drivers  --->
  [*] LED Support  --->
    <*>   LED Class Support
    <*>   LED Support for GPIO connected LEDs
    [*]   LED Trigger support  --->
      <*>   LED Timer Trigger
      <*>   LED Heartbeat Trigger
File systems  --->
  <*> Ext3 journalling file system support
  <*> The Extended 4 (ext4) filesystem


% make zImage
% make modules

This page is written in Japanese.